Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Pristina District Heating Improvement Phases 1 & 2

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant MW-KOS-ENE-KFW-02 € 14,000,000
WBIF Grant TA3-KOS-ENE-03 € 375,000
KFW Loan € 5,000,000
KOS Gov / Munic. Pristina Own Contribution € 5,000,000
Germany (KfW) External Grant Grant € 10,000,000
SIDA External Grant Grant € 1,839,971
Luxembourg External Grant Grant € 1,470,000
Total € 37,684,971
Total Grants € 14,375,000
Total Loans € 5,000,000

Project Description

The district heating (DH) sector in Kosovo faces significant challenges related to aging facilities and inadequate maintenance, meeting only 5% of the total demand. The WBIF has provided technical assistance (feasibility study, EIA, legal and regulatory support) and co-financed the investment costs for the modernisation of the DH system in Pristina. The project took the old heavy fuel oil boiler out of service and connected the system to “Kosovo B” instead. This technology is highly energy efficient and known as cogeneration because heat can be extracted from the turbines of the power plant, while these turbines at the same time continue to generate electric power. Moreover, the district heating network was rehabilitated and extended. The project has also benefitted from €13.3 million grant from Germany, Sida, and Luxembourg.

The main objective of the measures is to provide DH to residential, commercial and public customers reliably, at the lowest possible cost, and least environmental impact. Construction works started in June 2013 and the project concluded in 2017.

Results and Benefits

  • improvement of DH service to existing customers
  • expansion of district heating coverage area
  • substitution of electricity and fuelwood for heating
  • reduction of fuel consumption (mainly mazut)
  • improvement of energy efficiency
  • reducing costs of heating production
  • improvement of air quality in the city
  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • Countries: Kosovo*
  • Code: PRJ-KOS-ENE-001
  • Sector: Energy
  • Lead IFI: KFW
  • Status: Completed
  • Beneficiary: Termokos
Project financing split

Partner Financial Organisations

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