Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Comprehensive Network (Road 6b): Construction of Road N9 Pristina - Peja, Section Kijevë/Klina - Zahaq/Zahac

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB11-KOS-TRA-01 € 800,000
EIB Loan € 70,000,000
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 20,000,000
EBRD Loan € 50,000,000
WBIF Grant WB16-KOS-TRA-01 € 1,900,000
WBIF Grant WB18-KOS-TRA-01 € 500,000
Total € 143,200,000
Total Grants € 3,200,000
Total Loans € 120,000,000

Project Description

The project covers the construction of the midsection, approximately 30 km, of SEETO Route 6B in Kosovo, which connects Pristina to Podgorica via SEETO Route 4.

The WBIF has funded the preparation of the pre-feasibility study and renewed its assistance in 2016 with a €1.9 million grant that will support the final stage of preparation up to and including the award of works contracts and approval of construction designs for the now preferred off-line route of the road.

The implementation of the project will contribute to economic growth and social development, facilitate trade and economic links with neighbouring countries and the EU member states, as well as between main cities in Kosovo. It will also bring a significant improvement in the local environment and safety of the communities along the existing road who are currently impacted by significant severance, noise, vibration, and local air pollution as well as traffic hazards. 

Results and Benefits

  • contribute to economic growth and social development
  • facilitate trade and economic links with its neighbouring countries and EU member states
  • facilitate trade and travel between main cities in Kosovo
  • improve safety on the road
  • sustain the investment in the Transport Sector
  • improve the road and travel conditions in accordance with EU and SEETO priorities
  • provide safe and reliable trips and Road Capacity improved
  • Countries: Kosovo*
  • Code: PRJ-KOS-TRA-003
  • Sector: Transport
  • Monitor IFI: EIB
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary: Ministry of Infrastructure
Project financing split

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