Rehabilitation of Healthcare Provider Institutions Phase II

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Project Financing

CEB Loan € 26,937,458
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 21,789,739
WBIF Grant TA3-MKD-SOC-01 € 1,400,000
CEB External Grant Grants € 500,000
Total € 50,627,197
Total Grants € 1,400,000
Total Loans € 26,937,458

Project Description

The National Health Strategy 2007- 2020 of North Macedonia calls for the restructuring and modernisation of key health facilities, introducing new methods of treatment as well as modern management techniques. This project involves the reconstruction and modernisation of 26 Healthcare Provider Institutions throughout the country. Phase I started in 2009 and is expected to be completed in 2017. Its main objective is to improve the delivery of secondary and tertiary healthcare services by upgrading infrastructure and operational conditions and by introducing new modern equipment and technologies. Phase II includes the construction of a new University Clinical Centre in Skopje to improve access to quality tertiary healthcare for the entire country and the upgrading of the Regional Clinical Hospital in Shtip to improve secondary healthcare quality and provide regional tertiary healthcare options.

Benefits include health services quality improvements for almost 90% of the population and improved work environments which help with training and retention of medical staff. The project will have a regional demonstrative effect.

Results and Benefits

  • approximately 90% of 2.1 million users of public sector health services as beneficiaries
  • Countries: North Macedonia
  • Code: PRJ-MKD-SOC-002
  • Sector: Social
  • Monitor IFI: CEB
  • Status: Implementation
  • Beneficiary: Ministry of Health
Project financing split
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