Energy Efficiency Renovation Programme of Central Government Buildings - EERPCGB

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB21-SRB-ENE-02 € 300,000
CEB Loan € 40,000,000
National contribution Own Contribution € 3,600,000
CEB External Grant € 600,000
Total € 44,500,000
Total Grants € 300,000
Total Loans € 40,000,000

Project Description

The proposed multiannual programme is aimed at energy efficiency renovation of central government buildings (CGB) as per Article 5 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) (EED). The programme encompasses renovation of up to 28 buildings in Belgrade of total 208.000 m2 out of which 50% are classified as heritage buildings. The project should result in minimum 30% of primary energy consumption reduction, some 20% of CO2 reduction, improved working conditions, improved safety on work and app. 29% savings in operating cost for energy. In addition, the project should contribute to the protection and preservation of cultural heritage buildings.

The proposed programme shall comprise of two components due to the different size and complexity of the buildings. The first component shall be related to the renovation of the Palace of Serbia and the second one to remaining buildings. The time frame of these components will overlap.

In parallel, the second component related to other buildings shall take place encompassing detailed energy audits and energy certification of each building. On the basis of results obtained through the energy audits it shall be decided for how many more buildings detailed feasibility study would be necessary. In parallel with the feasibility studies phases for these larger buildings, the elaboration of design documents for less complex buildings can start. Once the decision on the modality of renovation for SIV1 is made, the elaboration of design documents could start. The detailed time plane of each component and project sequences shall be elaborated as a part of preparatory activities.

Results and Benefits

  • a total of 28 CGB renovated with a total area renovated of 208,000 m2
  • energy savings of 28,500 kWh/m2/y
  • GHG emissions savings of 5,000 tCO2eq/y
  • total number of beneficiaries reaching 100,000
  • Countries: Serbia
  • Code: PRJ-SRB-ENE-017
  • Sector: Energy
  • Monitor IFI: CEB
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary:
Project financing split

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