Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Orient/East-Med Corridor: Reconstruction and Modernisation of Stalac - Krajlevo - Rudnica Railway Line

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB14-SRB-TRA-01 € 1,400,000
Potential future WBIF investment grant External Grant € 134,830,000
National Contribution Own Contribution € 23,990,000
WBIF Grant WB24-SRB-TRA-02 € 3,700,000
EIB Loan € 161,200,000
Total € 325,120,000
Total Grants € 5,100,000
Total Loans € 161,200,000

Project Description

Railway line Stalac-Kraljevo-Rudnica is a single-track non-electrified railway line, length of 149 km. Due to the poor condition of the line, the maximum allowed speed for the trains is 40 km/h, on the part of the line from Stalac to Kraljevo, and 50 km/h from Kraljevo to Rudnica. The line belongs to the category B2 (the allowed axle load on the line is nominally 180 kN, and the allowed load per meter of length is 64 kN/m) on the part of the line from Stalac to Kraljevo and on the part of the line from Kraljevo to Rudnica the line belongs to the category C3 (the allowed axle load on the line is nominally 200 kN, and the allowed load per meter of length is 72 kN/m). 

The line’s signalling and safety-system consist of electromechanical devices with visual signals, and the telecommunications are realised through overhead lines. There are plenty of stations on the line, which are mainly unregulated and do not provide the necessary comfort and safety (platforms, underpasses) for the passengers, or the necessary level of service for other users (freight terminal equipment). Civil and electro-technical infrastructure on this line is obsolete and unreliable from the technical point of view, which are the reasons for decreased safety and lower competitiveness of the respective line. Alternatives to improve the railway line will be studied.

Reconstruction of the railway line consists of an overhaul of 149 km of the line, with the increase of the allowed axle load to 225 kN, and weight per metre of length to 80 kN/m, and upgrading of the alignment elements for the traffic speed of up to 120 km/h. The line is to be electrified with the 25 kV,50 Hz system, construction of the fixed electric traction facilities, equipping of the line and station tracks with modern signalling-safety and telecommunication devices, upgrading of the level crossings safety level, providing of the UIC-C free profile for electrified lines, and enabling usage of all intermodal transport technologies without limitations. Regulation of the architectural objects along the line is also foreseen, primarily of the stations and belonging objects. Presently, the railway line which connects Stalac-Kraljevo-Rudnica is not in line with the AGC/AGTC standards. Once modernization will be completed, the railway line will be compliant with the mentioned standards.

In order to prepare all necessary project documentation for the reconstruction and modernization of this line, grant resources are needed having in mind scarce resources allocated in the budget of JSC. Serbian Railways Infrastructure and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for preparation of the future investment projects. The regional importance of this respective infrastructure project and connectivity principle this project is reflecting is one of the reasons why this project is proposed for WBIF grant assistance.

  • Countries: Serbia
  • Code: PRJ-SRB-TRA-011
  • Sector: Transport
  • Monitor IFI: EIB
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary:
Project financing split

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