Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Vlašić - Travnik 50 MW Wind Farm

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB7-BIH-ENE-09 € 840,000
EIB Loan € 36,000,000
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 2,500,000
KfW External Loan € 36,000,000
Total € 75,340,000
Total Grants € 840,000
Total Loans € 36,000,000

Project Description

Bosnia and Herzegovina's power sector is currently dominated by the use of fossil fuels. This project assesses the feasibility of developing a wind farm in several locations on Vlasic mountain, with the intent to develop sustainable alternatives to the current energy mix. The costs of the study have been covered by the WBIF through a €875,000 grant. The study was completed in December 2015.  

Results and Benefits

  • increasing power generation from renewable energy sources
  • reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • benefit gains due to carbon emission reductions
  • benefits for local communities through infrastructural development
  • generating new opportunities for both short and long term employment
  • overall reduction of GHG emissions and meeting carbon emission targets
  • Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Code: PRJ-BIH-ENE-008
  • Sector: Energy
  • Lead IFI: KFW
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary:
Project financing split

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners