Energy efficient homes protect the environment, save energy and money

Energy efficient homes protect the environment, save energy and money


Benefits of energy efficient homes are multiple. Making doors and windows more energy efficient will reduce energy bills and lower carbon footprint. Heat easily passes through old carpentry, dilapidated roofs, and walls without proper facade, making households cold and unpleasant for living.

A workshop on the topic of how to reduce the heat loss, Ask me anything about EU support”was held in the EU Info Centre in Belgrade on 30 November. At the workshop beneficiaries of the EU-supported GEFF programme (Green Economy Financing Facility) shared their experience of energy-efficient homes and presented useful tips on how and where to apply to get financial aid to implement such energy efficient measures.

“After submitting the documents, the loan approval came very quickly. The payment to the contractor itself and the administration work went effortlessly without any involvement of my side and after one month I received a refund of part of the money on my account," said Nikola Rađenović one of the beneficiaries of the GEFF programme, explaining the simplicity of the procedure.

“The GEFF credit line is projected for financing energy efficiency technologies, windows, facades, roofs, heat pumps, solar panels, etc. for individuals - citizens of Serbia," said Dragana Tanasić, GEFF project manager. 

She informed the participants that funds are available through domestic banks, primarily through Erste bank and recently Intesa bank. The GEFF programme provides support in choosing the best measures from the energy efficient package, and all information can be found on our website and on the banks' websites. Through our programme, we can finance the complete renovation of an apartment which then becomes completely energy efficient. What is important for the users is that the European Union provides up to 20% return of the total loan funds after the completion of the works, and this amount of money is transferred directly to the user's account," Tanasić emphasised.

Workshop video (c) EU Info Centre Belgrade

The GEFF, which is developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and co-financed with grant resources from the EU-supported WBIF Project Regional Energy Efficiency Programme and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, has supported over 9,000 households in the region to improve energy efficiency over the past four years with investments in new windows, insulation, heat pumps etc. The programme, which offers specialised credit lines and grant resources, has financed green technology investments worth over €45 million.

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