EU Supports Additional Technical Assistance to Gas Transmission Network in Albania

EU Supports Additional Technical Assistance to Gas Transmission Network in Albania


The technical assistance project 'Detailed Design and Tender documents for the Fier – Vlora gas pipeline' in Albania, funded through the WBIF by €1.1 million EU grant, was launched 'virtually' on 23 June 2020 in Tirana.

During the 15 months of technical assistance, IPF7 will develop, in close coordination with the beneficiaries, a detailed design documentation and tender documents required for the construction of the Fier – Vlora gas pipeline.

Technical assistance is a part of the comprehensive WBIF project ‘Fier – Vlora Gas Transmission Pipeline’, estimated at €17.48 million in total investment, financed through the €10.62 million EBRD loan, and potential additional WBIF grants in the amount of €4.6 million.

This project will contribute to the long-term development of the Albania’s gas supply system. The expected results are the construction of the gas system branch supplying consumers in Vlora, Fier, Ballsh, Tepelenë and Gjirokastër, thereby increasing the security of energy supply and contributing to the diversification of the energy sources, in line with the  Gas Development Master Plan for Albania. In addition, this project will supply gas to the Vlora Thermal Power Plant. The Albanian electricity system would therefore largely benefit from the addition of a generation capacity that would be available on demand, to supplement the hydro production and other energy sources.

Main outputs of the technical assistance are:

1. Review and confirmation of the pipeline route identified in the Feasibility Study.
2. Technical documentation necessary to obtain theconstruction permit of the gas pipeline.
3. Detailed Design documentation for construction of the gas pipeline.
4. Procurement Plan and Tender Documents.
5. Project Implementation Plan.

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