European Union Allocates Additional Grant for Flood Risk Management in Serbia

European Union Allocates Additional Grant for Flood Risk Management in Serbia

20-09-2021 | Tags: Serbia, WBIF

A new EU funded project worth €1.3 million was launched recently to support the preparation of Flood Risk Management Plans and Strategic Environmental Assessments for the four river basins - Zapadna, Južna and Velika Morava and Kolubara. The Technical Assistance assignment is being carried out in support of the Central Serbia Flood Risk Management Project which will contribute significantly to the management of flood risk, in accordance with the European Floods Directive, and to the reduction in damage caused by flooding.

A team of international and national experts from Infrastructure Project Facility (IPF10) will support the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), established within the Public Water Management Company (PWMC) Srbijavode, to develop the plans and, thereby, facilitate considerable strategic investment.

The total costs for the WBIF project “Flood Risk Management Programme for Central Serbia” are estimated at €250 million, with financing through a €221 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The remaining project costs shall be covered by a national contribution of approximately €27.5 million and the €1.3 million EU technical assistance grant through the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF).

Estimated results and benefits:

  • More than 500 km of river embankments/dykes rehabilitated and improved;
  • More than 1.5 million people benefitting from flood protection measures;
  • 1,000 ha of semi-urban and urban area protected from floods.

Sem Fabrizi, former Ambassador of the European Union to Serbia: “Floods are often results of extreme changes in climate and the need to be well prepared is key. Flood Risk Management Plans are an essential strategic prevention planning against floods and I am pleased that Central Serbia will benefit from this direct EU support. It is essential that similar plans are made for all other basins with a flood risk in Serbia and that the plans’ actions are coupled with solid, environment-aware, investments to adapt to climate change in the quickest and most efficient fashion.”

Matteo Colangeli, EBRD Director, Regional Head of Western Balkans: “The EBRD is committed to become a majority green bank by 2025 and will significantly step up its investments in climate change adaptation. We are proud to support Serbia through this project in becoming more climate resilient and strengthen capacity to manage flood risks.”

Goran Puzović, General Director for the regulation, Use and Protection of water PWMC Srbijavode: “The management of flood risk is of the highest priority for Serbia. Risk identification and mitigation of possible adverse effects caused by floods is one of the priority tasks for PWC Srbijavode. We welcome the commencement of this important assignment and look forward to working with IPF10 to achieve successful outcomes.”

Mario Ortner, IPF10 Team Leader: “IPF10 is delighted to have been invited to undertake this challenging and important assignment. Flooding continues to threaten Serbia’s social, cultural and economic well-being, and we look forward to partnering with Srbijavode, the European Union and the EBRD in developing plans to effectively manage these very real risks.”


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