A new home for 50 displaced families in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A new home for 50 displaced families in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Fifty families, who, until now, had been living in collective and alternative accommodation, received the keys to their new homes in the City of Goražde at a moving-in ceremony mid-September 2023. This ceremony represents a significant step in providing better living conditions and housing solutions to families who were displaced during the 1990s conflict in former Yugoslavia.

Zahid Kadrić, one of the beneficiaries, expressed gratitude for finally getting decent living conditions after 25 years of living in collective centres: “I would like to thank the Federal Government, the EU, the Ministry for Refugees and Displaced Persons, and the City of Goražde on behalf of all the people who have suffered, to provide us with roof over our heads,” he stated. The newly-built residential buildings provide 50 units of non-profit social housing. They were built using a loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) as part of the CEB II Project - "Housing and Social Integration of Vulnerable Persons Living in Collective Accommodation".

This project is implemented in 46 cities and municipalities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will result in around 2,045 apartments being built. The total value of the project is €106 million, including €1.8 million grant provided by WBIF bilateral donors for technical assistance.

It is managed by the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of FBiH, the Republican Secretariat for Displaced Persons and Migration of Republika Srpska, and the Department for Displaced Persons, Refugees, and Housing Affairs of the Government of Brčko District of BiH. For this particular activity, the City of Goražde provided the location for construction, the necessary infrastructure, permits and consents.

Current FBiH Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees, Nerin Dizdar, expressed his gratitude and support for the project. “Goražde is a city that has given a lot to BiH and all of us here have a special debt to Goražde. Thank you for being here, for staying and surviving and for working and living here. We are certainly always here to support you,” stated the minister.

Social housing project in Tuzla (c) WBIF June 2023

Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, Sevlid Hurtić, said: “Fifty homeless families who were provided with a roof over their heads were given the opportunity for a new beginning. You have waited a long time to get quality living conditions. It makes it easier and more affordable for you and your children, their upbringing and education, which is a duty of us all.”

The Mayor of Goražde, Ernest Imamović, emphasised the ongoing commitment to accommodate displaced persons and refugees adequately. “We can say that we have done a good job today, but we have not finished it as long as any person has the status of a displaced person or refugee. The City of Goražde will always strive to ensure that all families are adequately accommodated, together with our partners at the cantonal, federal and state levels,” he reiterated. He issued a special thanks to former federal Minister Edin Ramić who gave the priority to the city of Goražde within the programme.

Social housing project in Kladanj (c) WBIF June 2023


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