The WBIF Bilateral Donors pledged €10.5 million in 2023

The WBIF Bilateral Donors pledged €10.5 million in 2023


Bilateral Donors to Western Balkans Investment Framework have pledged €10.5m in 2023, bringing their total contributions since 2009 to over €130m. Bilateral Donors are a vital cornerstone of the WBIF. They contribute financial resources for technical assistance and investment grants, advise on operations and actively participate in the WBIF’s governance through a rotating co-chairing system for the Strategic and Operational Boards.

Bilateral Donor contributions to the WBIF Joint Fund in 2023:
- Austria €1 million
- France €4.5 million
- Germany €1.5 million
- Hungary €0.5 million
- Norway €2.5 million
- Poland €0.5 million

Frode Overland Andersen, Director-General Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing the WBIF Bilateral Donor Community stated: "As Bilateral Donors to the WBIF, we will continue to support the beneficiary countries. Addressing social needs and improving the quality of public services – especially at the local level – is an important priority. We will also continue to support the green and digital transition. The WBIF has the structure, governance and means to implement this agenda."

Examples of the WBIF Bilateral Donor supported projects:

- Upgrading the water and wastewater system in Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

(c) EBRD, January 2023

- Providing new accommodation for displaced families in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(c) WBIF, June 2023

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