Tirana - Durrës Region: Upgrade of the Electricity Transmission Network

Tirana - Durrës Region: Upgrade of the Electricity Transmission Network

Project Description

This project will enable the construction of a reliable electricity transmission system in Tirana and neighbouring region, towards Durres. Specifically, it will entail:

  • construction a 220 kV double circuit line from SS Tirana 2 to Rrashbull, a new 220/220 kV substation in Rrogozhina as well as power transformer upgrade in SS Rrashbull.
  • construction of a new 220/110 kV substation (SS Tirana 3) with an installed capacity of 120 MVA (Sauk area) and the reinforcement 110 kV Tirana ring.

The improvements will reduce electricity losses as well as power cuts, which regularly affect 50% of the region's residents and 30% of its private businesses. Current air pollution caused by the diesel generators used during power outages is also expected to decrease.

The WBIF has allocated more than €1,100,000 as EU grant to the preparation of feasibility studies, including preliminary designs, for these two developments.

Project Financing

WBIF Grant TA3-ALB-ENE-01 € 577,000
WBIF Grant WB4-ALB-ENE-01 € 577,605
OST Own Contribution € 5,000,000
KFW Loan € 40,000,000
Total € 46,154,605
Total Grants € 1,154,605
Total Loans € 40,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners