Fier, Gjirokastra, Saranda and Lezha Water Supply and Wastewater Collection Systems

Fier, Gjirokastra, Saranda and Lezha Water Supply and Wastewater Collection Systems

Project Description

The majority of Albania's population, 78%, is connected to a water supply system. The existing systems suffer however from a very high rate (60%) of losses on the distribution network. This is caused by an outdated water supply infrastructure and a large number of illegal connections. The use of high volumes of water for the purpose of crop production, public parks, cleaning of towns, and other ancillary activities aggravates the situation. Moreover, although almost half of the population is connected to the sewerage system, it is only the wastewater of a very few that is treated in a wastewater treatment plant. As a result, surface and ground waters are highly contaminated by the direct discharge of polluted urban and industrial wastewaters into surface watercourses.

This project aims to improve the water supply and sewage management in Lezha, Fier, Saranda and Gjirokastra, by rehabilitating several water reservoirs, construction of water mains, the connection of several neighbourhoods and nearby villages of these towns to the water supply system and sewerage network. Construction works are on-going and shall be completed at the four project locations successively by the end of 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The project is part of the German Government's Municipal Infrastructure I programme managed by the KfW. The European Union has contributed more than €5.3 million grant to both project preparation and investment works in Lezha, Fier and Gjirokastra. The entire programme will have a positive impact on the development of water and sanitation sector management. It will contribute to better and sustainable use of water as well as providing environmental and health benefits related to the correct management of wastewater and partly sewerage.

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant MW-ALB-ENV-CEB;KFW-02 € 4,680,000
KFW Loan € 16,000,000
WBIF Grant TA2-ALB-ENV-01 € 180,000
SECO External Grant Grant € 10,500,000
EU IPA External Grant Grant € 500,000
Total € 31,860,000
Total Grants € 4,860,000
Total Loans € 16,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

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