Plava Voda Regional Water Supply System

Plava Voda Regional Water Supply System

Project Description

Central Bosnia and Herzegovina suffers from water shortages and poor water quality. The Plava Voda initiative is a Danube and the Black Sea Task Force (DABLAS) priority project within the Priority Environmental Programme for South Eastern Europe (PEIP). The project will provide secure, sufficient and sustainable water to five municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Travnik, Novi Travnik, Vitez, Busovaca and Zenica. The water source is the Plava Voda spring at Travnik. A new supply pipe (22 km) running along the Lasva river will deliver water by distributor mains to participating municipalities. 

The project will serve the needs of over 150,000 inhabitants in the five municipalities over the long term by providing them with water which complies with the EU Drinking Water Directive at better costs. The new water supplies from Plava Voda will also contribute to reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases currently prevalent in the participating municipalities.

The WBIF has contributed two grants to the preparation of the feasibility study, detailed designs as well as of the leakage studies. The technical assistance was provided by the Infrastructure Project Facility 1. The project is currently ongoing. 

Project Financing

WBIF Grant TA-BIH-03 € 600,000
WBIF Grant TA3-BIH-ENV-05 € 300,000
CEB Loan € 11,000,000
EBRD Loan € 11,000,000
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 4,400,000
SIDA External Grant Grant € 2,500,000
EBRD SSF External Grant ESIA update € 30,000
Germany External Grant Procurement support € 70,000
Total € 29,900,000
Total Grants € 900,000
Total Loans € 22,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners