Sarajevo Water Project - Reconstruction of the Water Supply Network

Project Description

Sarajevo Canton is divided into 9 municipalities, out of which four municipalities are in the City of Sarajevo (Novi Grad Sarajevo, Centar Sarajevo, Novo Sarajevo and Stari Grad Sarajevo). Other municipalities in the Canton are Ilidza, Vogosca, Hadzici, Ilijasand Trnovo. The ViK Sarajevo (Water and Sewerage Company), owned by the Canton Sarajevo, provides services to six of the Canton’s municipalities, i.e. the four in the City of Sarajevo as well as Ilidzaand Vogosca. The current difficulties in the process of water production and distribution are as follows: very old water supply network and high-water losses during distribution (a sample section of 1 km of very old test CI pipe with lead joints showed a reduction in losses of 23% within the relevant section when replaced with new ductile pipe); very old existing water pumps and an insufficient number of spare ones; the unreliability of existing electric equipment due to its age; deficit of reservoir space for aprox. 30% in comparison to stipulated conditions for the case of failures and maintenance of 4-8 hours of peak daily needs for water; illegally built water supply network.

The main objective of the Project is to increase the efficiency of the water supply system in the Canton Sarajevo. This is to be achieved by the reconstruction of the water supply network in selected priority areas, through the replacement of main pipelines, the rehabilitation of pumping stations and the installation of metering and control equipment.

Project Financing

EU IPA 2020 External Grant € 4,000,000
WBIF Grant WB23-BIH-ENV-01 € 520,000
EBRD Loan € 25,000,000
Cantonal Government Own Contribution € 175,000
EBRD SSF External Grant € 700,000
National Contribution Own Contribution € 1,725,000
Total € 32,120,000
Total Grants € 520,000
Total Loans € 25,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners