Pristina Regional Water Supply Project

Pristina Regional Water Supply Project

Project Description

This project has improved the living conditions of Pristina inhabitants and those of surrounding municipalities and protects natural water resources as well. It specifically targeted

  • Securing cost-efficient and continuous water supply;
  • Reducing the abstraction of raw water from Batlava and Badovc lakes to their natural capacity. 

In order to achieve these objectives, a new water source for Pristina had to be developed, focused on Gazivoda Lake. The water is abstracted from the Iber Channel, in the vicinity of Mihaliq, and then transported to a new water treatment plant in Shkabaj. After treatment, drinking water flows into two reservoirs in Pristina.

All construction works are completed; taking-over of works took place in March and May 2017, followed by a 12-months defect notification period.

The WBIF contributed, with an EU grant, to the preparation of the feasibility study. The new water supply systems also received a €4.9 million EU grant (IPA) to partially defray the construction costs. 

Pristina Water Treatment Plant. (c) EU Kosovo, 2017  

Project Financing

KFW Loan € 20,000,000
WBIF Grant TA-KOS-01 € 300,000
Own Contribution Own Contribution € 10,000,000
EU IPA External Grant IPA Grant € 4,900,000
Total € 35,200,000
Total Grants € 300,000
Total Loans € 20,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

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