Mitrovica and Gjilan Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sewerage Network Extension and Rehabilitation

Project Description

Water pollution in Kosovo has reached alarming levels. The water quality of streams and rivers has deteriorated over the years and is heavily polluted due to a lack of treatment of wastewater and indiscriminate disposal of solid waste. The Government of Kosovo is very concerned about the threat this poses to the economic and social welfare of the inhabitants of Kosovo and has taken action to remedy this poor state of affairs through – inter alia – WBIF assistance.

The WBIF, a longstanding supporter of the difficult environmental situation in Kosovo, has provided two technical assistance (TA) grants (worth approx. €2.5 million) to this project in 2009 and 2018, respectively. The initial WBIF TA support focused on developing feasibility studies for various wastewater treatment plants in Kosovo; the grant awarded by the WBIF in December 2018 focuses on providing implementation support to the Project Implementation Units (both in Mitrovica and Gjilan) to bring the Project to full maturity, prepare tender documents including support during the whole tendering process, and overall implementation support until project completion.

These investments will mitigate environmental pollution both in Kosovo and downstream in the region, and provide several other benefits such as:

Project Financing

EBRD Loan € 10,000,000
WBIF Grant TA3-KOS-ENV-01 € 375,000
EIB Loan € 10,200,000
WBIF Grant WB-IG04-KOS-ENV-01 € 2,550,000
SECO External Grant € 300,000
EIB Loan € 13,440,000
EBRD Loan € 13,500,000
WBIF Grant WB-IG05-KOS-ENV-01 € 5,204,082
EBRD/EIB External Grant € 300,000
WBIF Grant TA3-KOS-ENV-01 € 375,000
WBIF Grant WB20-KOS-ENV-01 € 728,000
WBIF Grant WB20-KOS-ENV-01 € 624,000
Total € 57,596,082
Total Grants € 9,856,082
Total Loans € 47,140,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners