Comprehensive Network: Rehabilitation of Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje - Podujevë/Podujevo Railway Line

Project Description

The core regional transport network of South East Europe was established by the REBIS project (Regional Balkans Infrastructure Study) financed by the EU and adopted in 2003 by the governments of the region. Eastern Railway Line is as a shorter connection of SEETO Railway Corridor X and Railway Route 10 which connects Kosovo with Serbia.

One of the priority objectives stated in the National Multi-Modal Transport Strategy approved by Government of Kosovo in 2013 is to create links to the European transport network and - in line with this - to provide a priority railway network linking the transport gateways to the areas of potential economic growth. Railway Route 10 and East-West Railway Line (with future construction of new railway line Prizren (Kosovo) – Durres (Albania)) are defined by the Government of Kosovo as part of this priority railway network.

Taking into consideration outcomes from Feasibility Study for General Rehabilitation of East-West Railway Lines in Kosovo which was financed by WBIF and completed in 2013, there is an economic justification for general rehabilitation and modernization of this line. Kosovo Government has supported this project as one of the most important projects after Rail Route 10, and we believe that WBIF and International Financial Institutions (EBRD and EIB) will support this project. Knowing that the Government of Kosovo has many other priorities and budgetary constraints, the request to WBIF for grant support to implement this project is justified.

East Railway Line (Border with Serbia – Podujevo – Fushe Kosove / Kosovo Polje) branches from Corridor X in Nis (Serbia), between Belgrade and Skopje, and forms a shorter connection between Corridor X and Railway Route 10. East Railway Line sustained significant damages during the period 1990-1999, and because of high damages, the line is out of function. So, in order to establish railway traffic, there is a need for a Detailed Technical Project Design in order to do the general rehabilitation and modernisation of the line in a later phase, in order to achieve the projected speed (80 km/h up to 120 km/h).

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB14-KOS-TRA-01 € 1,250,000
WBIF Grant WB5-KOS-TRA-06 € 600,000
Other Sources Other Sources € 55,000,000
Total € 56,850,000
Total Grants € 1,850,000
Total Loans € 0

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners