Pristina Intermodal Terminal: General Rehabilitation and Construction of Pristina - Pristina Airport Railway Line

Project Description

The Government of Kosovo* has been engaged in a wide-ranging rail reform programme to bring the sector into compliance with EU directives. The rail reform programme identified the rehabilitation of the existing Railway line from the capital city Pristina to Pristina Airport, construction of the missing link from the existing line to the terminal and construction of the Railway Terminal within the Airport as one of the priority projects. This enables Pristina and Kosovo to have an interoperable railway network, improve transport capacities for passengers and freight, enhance traffic safety, reduce emissions, and develop multi-modal transport.  

A WBIF financed Feasibility Study (€1.1 million technical assistance grant) was completed in 2013 for the General Rehabilitation of the East-West Railway Lines (WB5-KOS-TRA-06) in Kosovo. This included conceptual ideas for a rail link to Pristina Airport. Building on the findings of this study, the WBIF awarded a €1 million grant for the preparation of a Prefeasibility Study (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment screening report and simplified Cost-Benefit Analysis), to be followed by a Feasibility Study (including surveys – geological and geotechnical investigation, Preliminary Design and CBA), ESIA and a Project Implementation Plan.

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB17-KOS-TRA-02 € 1,105,500
Total € 1,105,500
Total Grants € 1,105,500
Total Loans € 0

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners