Strengthening the Transmission Network in the Southeast Region of North Macedonia to Connect RES and Implementation of Smart Grid Concepts

Project Description

In order to meet the goals of the European Union for the integration of energy from RES, North Macedonia makes efforts to maximize the integration of RES into the national power system. Due to the favourable climate (wind, solar and hydro) conditions, the investments are most cost-effective in the southeastern region of North Macedonia, so the RES project will be located mostly there.

Transmission grid in the southeast region (110 kV line Dubrovo – Valandovo – Strumica 2 – Strumica 1) is approaching the end of the lifecycle and is a candidate for reconstruction due to the ageing process. In addition, while analysing the midterm forecasted regimes, there are contingency cases with a higher risk of security of supply (breach of N-1 criteria). The recent studies proposed pragmatic solution to construct a new double-circuit line on the corridor Dubrovo – Valandovo – Strumica with a new type of conductors AAAC-Z 324 mm2, rating 149 MVA.

Evolution of the power system to large capacities of intermittent RES production and low carbon levels is a big challenge for MEPSO. This environment makes the operation of the transmission grid more complicated. Given these developments aspects, MEPSO is looking forward for technical assistance in project preparation and development stage. The main objective of the project is secure and reliable integration of planned RES in the southeast region of the country, and the project will raise the operation of the transmission grid on higher technical level by use of smart grid solutions (DLR).

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB21-MKD-ENE-03 € 1,165,800
EBRD Loan € 5,627,000
National contribution Own Contribution € 993,000
Total € 7,785,800
Total Grants € 1,165,800
Total Loans € 5,627,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners