Reconstruction of Penitentiary Institutions

Reconstruction of Penitentiary Institutions

Project Description

The reform of penitentiary facilities started in 2005 and aims at overcrowding alleviation, the betterment of living conditions for inmates, improvement of the working environment for staff, and enhancement of safety and security systems. As part of this comprehensive programme, four penitentiary institutions have been (re)constructed and equipped with WBIF support, CEB loan funds and grants from the EU National IPA and Norway:

  • Kumanovo Penal Correctional Facility,
  • Idrizovo Penal Correctional Facility,
  • Skopje Prison, and
  • Tetovo Juvenile Educational Correctional Facility.

The total gross areas of secured prison space together with the number of prisoners that can be held are as follows: Idrizovo: 42,245 square metres for 1,510 inmates, Kumanovo: 5,500 square meters for 250 inmates, Skopje Prison: 14,796 square metres for 692 inmates, and Tetovo: 3,376 square metres for 110 inmates. Altogether this is over 64,000 square metres with a capacity for 2,562 inmates.

The WBIF has assisted with project revision and design compliance with the European Prison Rules and provided TA support for the implementation and management of the infrastructure projects, the latter renewed in 2017 through a €1.1 million grant. 

The improved infrastructure is expected to bring several benefits. The physical conditions and provision of healthcare services for inmates at the four facilities is raised and will be in line with European standards. Prison staff will experience improved working conditions in line with local and EU prison standards. The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) recommendations referring to the capacity, living, educational, health and safety conditions for all inmates will be met. 

The four penitentiary facilities are at different stages of execution. Kumanovo prison construction has been completed and the ceremony for its opening took place in September 2013. The Idrizovo works started at the beginning of 2014. The contracts for Tetovo prison works and supervision have been signed and works have recently started.

Reconstruction of Penitentiary Institutions in North Macedonia, October 2020 (c) IPF5


Completion of the EU-Funded Institutional Support for Idrizovo Prison Complex in North Macedonia

WBIF-funded Technical Assistance Supports the Management and Rehabilitation of Inmates in North Macedonia’s Penitentiary Institutions

Project Financing

WBIF Grant TA-MKD-01 € 506,916
CEB Loan € 46,000,000
National Contribution Own Contribution € 5,996,616
Norwegian Government External Grant Grant € 316,354
EU IPF IPA External Grant Grant € 1,221,407
WBIF Grant WB17-MKD-SOC-02 € 1,091,098
WBIF Grant WB12-MKD-SOC-01 € 354,840
CEB External Grant € 24,800
Total € 55,512,031
Total Grants € 1,952,854
Total Loans € 46,000,000

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkan Partners