Pljevlja Centre for Elderly

Pljevlja Centre for Elderly

Project Description

Objective: Provision of housing for 68 elderly persons and daily care to an additional 30 persons in the municipality of Pljevlja through the construction of a home for elderly

Project summary: A new home for elderly will be constructed in the municipality of Pljevlja providing full-time accommodation to 68 elderly refugees/IDPs/ holders of the status of foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro and daily care to additional 30 persons. The land is provided by the municipality of Pljevlja.

Partner Country contribution: €313,144

Grant amount approved: up to €1,918,572 

Estimated sub-project cost: €2,231,716

Project Financing

WBIF Grant TA2-MNE-SOC-08 € 150,000
Regional Housing Programme External Grant Grant € 1,918,752
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 313,144
Total € 2,381,896
Total Grants € 150,000
Total Loans € 0

Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners