Update of the Regional Transport Study (REBIS)

Project Description

The South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) is the Western Balkans' regional transport organization that has been tasked to promote cooperation on the development of the main and ancillary transport infrastructure facilities and enhance the local capacity for implementation of investments in transport. In order to investigate and analyse regional transport in the Western Balkans, the EU commissioned the Regional Transport Study (REBIS) which was completed in 2003. The study prepared cost estimates for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the transport infrastructure. 

Additional grant support was provided in 2013 by the WBIF towards the review and update of the Regional Transport Study. The update was required by significant changes in regional transport flow patterns and the Beneficiary Countries' plans for EU Accession. This project has updated traffic projections in key transport corridors in SEE, using the existing REBIS forecasting model as a starting point. The REBIS forecasting model, based on the earlier work, used population and GDP growth assumptions, with some correction factors, to determine future traffic along key transport corridors; with this information, an investment plan was developed. This project added other factors, including trade flows, in order to ascertain the most important traffic corridors and where investments need to be made. The outcome has been a priority action plan for the SEETO network, identifying measure to reduce physical and non-physical barriers of the transport system in the Western Balkans. The analysis of trade flows for and freight movements, as well as non-physical barriers, has been informed by current work being undertaken by CEFTA.

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB7-REG-TRA-SD-02 € 600,000
Total € 600,000
Total Grants € 600,000
Total Loans € 0

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