Regional Connectivity Networks Gap Analysis

Regional Connectivity Networks Gap Analysis

Project Description

Improving connectivity within the Western Balkans and with the European Union is a key factor for growth and jobs and will bring clear benefits for economies and citizens. The Western Balkans have made the Connectivity Agenda one of their highest priorities, with a special emphasis on the preparation and financing of regional infrastructure investment projects, but also on the implementation of technical standards and accompanying reform measures.

Infrastructure Project Facility 3 was tasked with identifying and analyzing (i) physical gaps in the core energy and transport network infrastructure, and (ii) gaps in project development, including an estimate of the costs necessary to bring potential projects to implementation and completion. The Study was completed in 2016 and identified a series of projects which would improve connectivity in the region as well as between the region and the EU.

The Study was updated by Infrastructure Project Facility 5


The EU-supported 'Connectivity Networks Gap Analysis' for 91 Connectivity Projects in the Western Balkans Updated

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WBEC-REG-TRA-01 € 500,000
WBIF Grant WBEC-REG-TRA-02 € 65,250
Total € 565,250
Total Grants € 565,250
Total Loans € 0

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