Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Corridor VIII: Durrës - Pogradec - Lin - Border with North Macedonia Railway Line

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB13-ALB-TRA-01 € 723,600
EIB Loan € 25,070,000
WBIF Grant WB21-ALB-TRA-01 € 1,708,500
National Contribution / Loan Other Sources € 25,000,000
EIB Loan € 111,030,000
Other Sources Other Sources € 125,000,000
Anticipated WBIF TA Grant External Grant € 2,500,000
Total € 291,032,100
Total Grants € 2,432,100
Total Loans € 136,100,000

Project Description

The railway network in Albania has not benefited from any major overhaul since its commissioning. It currently allows for travel speeds under 60 km/h. It has not been electrified and the telecommunication and signalling system is obsolete, causing frequent interruptions in traffic. As a result, passenger services are seasonal and freight transport is inefficient. 

This project is intended to rehabilitate the Durres - Pogradec - Lin section (136 km) as well as to construct a 2.8 km railway link between Lin and the border with North Macedonia. The investments will improve multimodal connections with Italy, through the Port of Durres (Albania), as well as with North Macedonia and Bulgaria. 

The project is currently at feasibility study stage. The study was prepared by the Infrastructure Project Facility 4, through a €720,000 EU grant allocated by the WBIF, in June 2015.


Start of the EU-funded Technical Assistance for the Rehabilitation of the Durres – Rrogozhina Railway Section in Albania

Results and Benefits

  • Travel time reduced from 60 to 32 minutes for Durres - Rrogozhina segment
  • Rate of passengers diverted from road transport and generated traffic rate of 0.97 pass/km in millions 
  • 4.1 tons diverted from road transport and generated traffic
  • Countries: Albania
  • Code: PRJ-ALB-TRA-007
  • Sector: Transport
  • Lead IFI: EIB, EIB
  • Status: Tender Preparation
  • Beneficiary: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Albania
Project financing split

Partner Financial Organisations

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