Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Orient/East-Med Corridor: North Macedonia – Kosovo Road Interconnection, Blace – Skopje (Stenkovec Interchange) Motorway Section

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB9-MKD-TRA-01 € 1,000,000
EBRD Loan € 73,111,571
WBIF Grant WB18-MKD-TRA-01 € 2,824,280
WBIF Grant WB-IG04-MKD-TRA-02 € 26,578,396
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 17,588,620
Total € 121,102,867
Total Grants € 30,402,676
Total Loans € 73,111,571

Project Description

The project concerns the upgrade to motorway standards of the existing road between Skopje and Blace, from Stenkovec Interchange (Skopje bypass) to Blace, the border crossing point with Kosovo*. This road is part of the indicative extension of the TEN-T Core Network (Orient/East-Med Corridor) in the Western Balkans, Route 6a, which runs between Ribarevina (Montenegro), Ribarice (Serbia), Pristina and on to Skopje, connecting Routes 4 and 7 with Corridor VIII.

This investment has a vital role in the economic and social development of the north-east region of the country, and facilitates international transport and trade in the region, as it links domestic markets to the Port of Thessaloniki.

The WBIF has provided €2 million in EU grants for project preparation. The WBIF has helped prepare the feasibility study, including the preliminary design and the environmental and social impact assessment for this section. The project benefits from additional grant support, which covers for the detailed design, tender documents and the full environmental and social impact assessment study, including public consultations. 

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.


Start of the Technical Assistance for Motorway A4 Skopje – Blace, Section Stenkovec Interchange – Blace

Results and Benefits

  • 13 km of motorway from Stenkovec Interchange to the border crossing point in Blace;
  • Reduction in accident rate, road infrastructure maintenance costs and vehicle operating costs on the route from Skopje to Pristina;
  • Vital connection from North Macedonia to Kosovo, linking domestic markets to the Thessaloniki Port and contributing to economic growth in the region;
  • Social integration and employment of local workforce on the project and engagement of local suppliers;
  • Economic development in the northwest region of the country.
  • Countries: North Macedonia
  • Code: PRJ-MKD-TRA-002
  • Sector: Transport
  • Monitor IFI: EBRD
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary: Public Enterprise for State Roads
Project financing split

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