Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Broadband Infrastructure Development in Montenegro

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB21-MNE-DII-01 € 552,750
EBRD Loan € 42,091,603
Beneficiary Contribution Own Contribution € 680,554
WBIF Grant WB27-MNE-DII-01 € 546,092
Anticipated WBIF INV Grant External Grant € 19,992,176
World Bank External Grant € 25,000
Total € 63,888,175
Total Grants € 1,098,842
Total Loans € 42,091,603

Project Description

The ICT represents the basis for smart growth in the process of development of Montenegro and is indispensable for the transformation of all segments of the society. Montenegro recognized the importance of ICT for state progress and paid great attention to this area.

Montenegro has fully complied its regulatory and legislative framework with EU regulatory in the field of electronic communications. Strategic goals are defined in the Strategy for Information Society Development by 2020, which is harmonized with the Digital Agenda for Europe by 2020. In addition, the Government of Montenegro continuously improves the legislative framework and investment environment.

The ultimate aim of the project is to provide the construction of adequate infrastructure for fast and secure internet to all households, businesses, educational and health institutions in order to support the digital transformation of society and economy. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop a National Broadband Development Plan (NBDP) that defines a set of measures and activities that need to be undertaken in order to create conditions for financing the construction of this infrastructure also in areas where there is no commercial interest at this time.


EU Funded Technical Assistance Project for the Improvement of the Broadband Infrastructure Development in Montenegro

Results and Benefits

  • Increased broadband coverage and availability of new generation broadband networks in Montenegro.
  • Fast and secure internet for households, businesses, education and healthcare institutions to support the digital transformation of the society and economy.
  • Increase households' access to next generation networks from 70% to 95%.
  • Countries: Montenegro
  • Code: PRJ-MNE-DII-001
  • Sector: Digital infrastructure
  • Lead IFI: EBRD
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary:
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Partner Financial Organisations

Western Balkans Partners