Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Construction of Bar - Boljare highway, Phase II: Section Mateševo - Andrijevica

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB17-MNE-TRA-02 € 3,100,000
EBRD Loan € 123,000,000
To be confirmed Other Sources € 287,000,000
Supervision of works External Grant € 12,300,000
Total € 425,400,000
Total Grants € 3,100,000
Total Loans € 123,000,000

Project Description

The  Bar - Boljare highway, approximately 169 km long, will cross the entire country and connect it, from the Adriatic coast, through Podgorica to Serbia, and onwards, via highway Pozega - Belgrade, to TEN-T Corridor X, Romania, and Central Europe. It will link the ports on the Adriatic Sea to those on the Danube (Corridor VII and Corridor X) too. Moreover, this will be the shortest connection from Hungary and Romania through Serbia and Montenegro to southern Italy and Albania.

The construction of the highway is planned under the Spatial Plan of Montenegro by 2020, and it will be developed in four phases:

  • Phase I: Section Mokovac-Matesevo (41 km long, under construction);
  • Phase II: Matesevo-Andrijevica and a bypass along the route Smokovac – Tolosi – Farmaci;
  • Phase III: Andrijevica – Boljare;
  • Phase IV: Podgorica – Djurmani.

The WBIF finances the preparation of the preliminary design and ESIA for the section Matesevo - Andrijevica, approximately 21 km long (12.43% of the total length of the highway Bar-Boljare), which extends across the mountainous part of Montenegro, between Matesevo (at an altitude of 1,200 m) and Andrijevica (at an altitude of 730 m). 

The estimated period for the construction of the section Matesevo - Andrijevica in full profile (2x2) is three years and it will start once the preparatory stage is completed.


Start of the WBIF Technical Assistance for Bar – Boljare Highway Phase II

Results and Benefits

  • encouraging mobility (market mobility, access to jobs, education and health) in the directly gravitating region (Montenegrin municipalities through which it passes) for better utilization of economic potentials (tourism, agriculture, forestry, etc.)
  • encouraging the attraction of transit goods and traffic flows from gravitating wider environment, and consequently creating an environment to attract new foreign direct investment
  • reduction of emigration from the northern part of Montenegro and achieving more balanced demographic development of Montenegro
  • reducing the number of traffic accidents and bottlenecks in transport
  • reducing noise and air pollution
  • Countries: Montenegro
  • Code: PRJ-MNE-TRA-005
  • Sector: Transport
  • Monitor IFI: EBRD
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary:
Project financing split

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