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Improvement of Joint Actions in Flood Management in the Sava River Basin

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB11-REG-ENV-01 € 2,000,000
Total € 2,000,000
Total Grants € 2,000,000
Total Loans € 0

Project Description

The Sava River, one of Europe's largest, is a tributary to the Danube. It flows from Slovenia through Croatia and into Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, ending in Belgrade where it joins the Danube. It is the Danube's largest tributary by volume of water as it drains much of the Dinaric Alps.

More than eight million people live in the Sava river basin. The river is navigable for larger vessels for approximately two-thirds of its length between Belgrade, in Serbia, and Sisak, in Croatia. As a major waterway crossing international boundaries, it has a major regional economic and social significance.

This project aims to address flood risks within the wider Sava river basin by creating a regional flood risk management plan as well as a flood forecasting and warning system. For this purpose, the WBIF has awarded a €2 million grant in June 2014. Grant activities are currently ongoing and due for completion in 2018. 


Regional Stakeholder Forum on the Flood Risk Management Plan for the Sava River Basin

Flood Risk Management Plan in the Sava River Basin - Sava FRMP

Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the Sava River Basin - Sava FFWS

  • Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina,Montenegro,Serbia
  • Code: PRJ-MULTI-ENV-003
  • Sector: Environment
  • Lead IFI: WB
  • Status: Completed
  • Beneficiary:
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