EPEC Workshops Mark the Completion of the Second WBIF PPP Assignment

EPEC Workshops Mark the Completion of the Second WBIF PPP Assignment


National partners and EPEC jointly organised dissemination workshops in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia in July and October 2018. Around 120 practitioners from PPP units, line ministries, procuring authorities and municipalities, representatives of the WBIF and NIPAC Offices actively participated in discussing the findings of the assignment and experience sharing.

These workshops served to disseminate the findings and identified challenges as well as to present the PPP guidance documents developed under the assignment. The four new guidance documents focus on improving the understanding and capacity of public officials to evaluate, prepare and procure PPP projects in the countries of the region. The guides address specific regional issues in order to guide public officials through the PPP evaluation, preparation and delivery processes, as follows:

The guides, as well as a summary report on good practice and challenges faced along the lifecycle of PPP projects in the region, are available for download in Library.

Additional information on the project as well as on the WBIF operations for private sector development in the region can be found here and here.