Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Strengthening the Capacity of the Public Sector to Undertake PPPs in the Western Balkans

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB13-REG-PSD-SDP-01 € 2,000,000
Total € 2,000,000
Total Grants € 2,000,000
Total Loans € 0

Project Description

Public procurement in the form of public-private partnerships (PPPs) uses private sector methods and tools to deliver modern public services, creating value for money and reducing risk. Building on the results of the project “PPP Institutional Strengthening in the Western Balkans”, this new initiative of the European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) worked with key PPP public sector bodies in the region to increase their capacity to identify, prepare and implement sound PPP projects.

This €2 million WBIF grant was used by the EPEC to deliver: (i) an expert review of PPP projects in the region; (ii) PPP capacity development workshops in the region; (iii) PPP guidance documents with a specific focus on the Western Balkan region; and, (iv) Standard PPP tender documents in accordance with EU Procurement Directives.

While recognising that in most countries PPPs are likely to represent a relatively limited proportion of total public infrastructure investment, in the order of 5-10%, various forms of PPP can provide useful tools to bridge the infrastructure investment gap and improve the overall efficiency of public spending in the Western Balkans.


Public-Private Partnerships

EPEC Workshops Mark the Completion of the Second WBIF PPP Assignment

Results of the Second WBIF-supported EPEC Assignment on PPP

  • Countries: Albania,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Kosovo*,North Macedonia,Montenegro,Serbia
  • Code: PRJ-MULTI-PRI-003
  • Sector: Private sector development
  • Lead IFI: EIB
  • Status: Completed
  • Beneficiary:
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