Fier – Vlora Gas Transmission Pipeline

Fier – Vlora Gas Transmission Pipeline

Project Description

Albania remains unconnected to the regional and European gas networks and does not have a natural gas industry and currently no gas market. Diversification of sources and routes of energy supply – to increase energy security – remain a strategic objective of Albania. In order to mitigate these challenges and enhance the gasification of the country, the WBIF provided a €1.1 million grant to support the development of the Detailed Design and Tender Dossier for the Trans-Adriatic-Pipeline (TAP) Exit Point to Vlora Thermal Power Plant (TPP) gas pipeline project. The Albania Gas Master Plan (GMP) and Project Identification Plan, prepared with WBIF grant support (WB11-ALB-ENE-01), was completed in 2017. The analysis provided in the Albanian GMP concluded that the transmission pipeline connecting TAP with TPP Vlora is the first Priority Investment Project for the gasification of Albania.

The project specifically entails the construction of an approximately 40 km natural gas pipeline, which will connect the Vlora TPP with the TAP. Additionally, the Vlora TPP will be converted to use natural gas as fuel for electricity generation in lieu of oil. The Albanian electricity distribution system would benefit significantly from the addition of a generation capacity that would be available on-demand, in order to supplement the hydro production in periods of poor hydrological conditions.

The project is expected to yield significant benefits both on a national and regional level.


EU Supports Additional Technical Assistance to Gas Transmission Network in Albania

Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB20-ALB-ENE-04 € 1,105,500
SECO External Grant € 300,000
National Contribution Own Contribution € 843,840
EBRD Loan € 10,625,669
Prospective WBIF Grant Other Sources € 1,957,578
Prospective WBIF Grant Other Sources € 2,656,417
Total € 17,489,004
Total Grants € 1,105,500
Total Loans € 10,625,669

Partner Financial Organisations

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