Regional Broadband Infrastructure Development

Construction of Mojkovac Prison Facility

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Project Financing

WBIF Grant WB20-MNE-SOC-01 € 1,206,000
CEB Loan € 15,000,000
CEB External Grant € 161,525
National Contribution Own Contribution € 7,373,000
Total € 23,740,525
Total Grants € 1,206,000
Total Loans € 15,000,000

Project Description

The prison system in Montenegro faces issues related to the lack of capacity, maintenance and institutional organisation, as well as generally having outdated facilities. The existing penitentiary complex for the northern region of Montenegro is obsolete, its facilities dating from 1948, and is located in Bijelo Polje city centre. 

Seeking to mitigate some of these issues, this project will construct a new prison facility in the Moljkovac Municipality. The new prison will be built in accordance with to the European Prison Rules and best European practice, which will ensure that is well-functioning and economically viable, operating in environmentally sustainable building(s), having up-to-date technical installations and a minimised maintenance cost, and managed in line with the EPR and CPT recommendations. 

The WBIF supports the preparation of the project with a €1.2 million grant from the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance. This technical assistance includes the review and update of the Feasibility Study/Operational Plan and Concept Design as well as the development of the environmental impact assessment, designs and tender documents for the construction works and related services. The project will capitalise on CEB's previous experience in implementing similar projects in the region, the Lead Financial Institution of the project. It is expected to benefit from a €15 million loan from the CEB as well.  

This investment will ensure improved living conditions and additional labour activities for 200 inmates, as well as better working conditions for the prison staff (120 employees).

The project preparation started in 2014. The WBIF technical assistance commenced in November 2019 and is being implemented by the Infrastructure Project Facility 7. The construction of the new facility is expected to be finalised in 2023.


Start of the WBIF Technical Assistance for the Prison Facility in Mojkovac, Montenegro

Results and Benefits

  • Improve physical conditions in line with the EPR and the Compendium of Conventions, Recommendations, and Regulations relating to penitentiary questions published by the Council of Europe.
  • Improve conditions of life in prison in line with local and European Prison Rules (EPR), and with all CPT recommendations, especially with those referred to capacity, living, educational, health and safety conditions.
  • Improve the provision of healthcare services to all inmates, for which a sufficient number of qualified medical staff should be employed in the healthcare units.
  • Ensure security standards according to the EPR (rule 51).
  • Improve staffing working conditions in line with local standards, European Prison Rules and the CPT recommendations, being trained by international experts under national and European standards.
  • Countries: Montenegro
  • Code: PRJ-MNE-SOC-005
  • Sector: Social
  • Lead IFI: CEB
  • Status: Preparation
  • Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions, Directorate for Public Works
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