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Similarly with the road transport sub-sector, the WBIF focuses primarily on the preparation and implementation of projects along the extension of the TEN-T Core Network Corridors in the Western Balkans, by captalising on an EU allocation of €1 billion in grants to improve connectivity amongst the Western Balkans states as well as between the latter and the EU.

The WBIF also liaises with the Transport Community Secretariat to progress with the implementation of connectivity reform measures, which would complement and ensure efficient use of investments in infrastructure.

The Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans sets out a substantial transport investment package for regional interconnections. The road projects supported by WBIF follow the priorities of the Plan:

  • Flagship 1 - Connecting East to West: Corridor X in Serbia, Corridor VIII between Skopje and the Bulgarian border;
  • Flagship 2 - Connecting North to South: Corridor Vc in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Route 4 linking Belgrade to Podgorica and to the Montenegrin port of Bar, Routes 10 and 11 connecting Belgrade with Pristina, 
  • Flagship 3 - Connecting the coastal regions: Route 2 linking the capitals of Tirana and Podgorica, and extended to the port of Durres.

At a Glance

Number of projects: 25

Estimated project value: € 3,044,322,616

Grant value: € 389,684,175

Loans signed€ 764,611,057

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